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The Parents Via Egg Donation Organization: April 2009

Friday, April 24, 2009

The World Egg Bank® Announces Fertility Financing Program For Donor Egg Recipients

The World Egg Bank® (TWEB), the leading egg donor bank, today announced the immediate availability of the Donor Egg Recipient Financing Program to assist donor egg recipients seeking to delay payment of their costs for up to two years. Our clients have an urgent need to move forward toward their pregnancy goal, and unfortunately finances often get in the way. In today's difficult economic environment, finding financing is particularly challenging for many couples. Waiting for better times is not an option

Phoenix, AZ April 22, 2009 -- The World Egg Bank® (TWEB), the leading egg donor bank, today announced the immediate availability of the Donor Egg Recipient Financing Program to assist donor egg recipients seeking to delay payment of their costs for up to two years. The program designed by TWEB and Home National Bank (HNB - Scottsdale, AZ) is unique in the fertility services field after the few available options, such as Capital One, are no longer viable with the tightening of available consumer credit.

"Our clients have an urgent need to move forward toward their pregnancy goal, and unfortunately finances often get in the way. In today's difficult economic environment, finding financing is particularly challenging for many couples. Waiting for better times is not an option," said Diana Thomas, President and Founder of The World Egg Bank®.

"Home National Bank understands family values and goals. Home National Bank provided financing to The World Egg Bank® because they saw us bring the dreams of prospective parents within reach. With HNB's help we are scaling our already unique roster of screened donors and we are increasing immediate availability of frozen donor eggs. However, recipients too need help in times of tight credit and HNB recognized that our recipients are uniformly serious, committed and reliable individuals of character," said TWEB's CEO Marco Messina.

TheWorldEggBank.com has the largest inventory in the world of frozen donor eggs available for immediate shipment anywhere, and has the experience of shipping worldwide since 2005. TWEB is actively expanding its team to ensure the highest standards of safety and service, the largest selection of donors, immediate delivery and peace of mind for egg recipients and infertile couples throughout the world.

About The World Egg Bank:
The World Egg Bank is the result of the merger of X and Y Consulting Inc. (XYC) and Cryo Eggs International L.P., (CEI) in February 2009. The World Egg Bank provides fertility services to women in need of donated eggs to achieve pregnancy. Over the last 12 years the company has operated the leading match-making service in the US and internationally by bringing donors and recipients together. In 2004, CEI became the first frozen egg bank in the world. In 2005, the first child conceived in the US from a frozen egg bank's egg was born under the care of the founders. The World Egg Bank scientific team and Scientific Advisory Board include the leaders (Dr. Jeffrey Boldt, Dr. Michael Tucker and Dr. Simon Fishel) of oocyte cryopreservation (the technology for freezing and thawing human eggs).

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Should Celebrities and Public Figures “Out” Themselves Just Because They Choose Donor Egg?

And while I am on a roll today --

I have been involved in a very animated and ongoing discussion about celebrities and public figures that may or may not used a donor egg to create or grow their families. The conversation has revolved around the topic of disclosure and should they step forward and speak up about their reproductive choices (i.e. – if they used donor egg or their own egg) because they are celebrities or public figures.

My opinion (for what it’s worth) is that they should not have to step forward and “out” themselves anymore than any other woman who chooses this route to create or grow their family. I can’t tell you how many women have come across my path who absolutely are not disclosing to their families, friends, or even the children born from donor egg for a myriad of reasons. Some of those reasons are religious, cultural, personal, familial, or out of fear. But whatever the reasons they need to be respected.

I am not sure why our society feels that because an individual should choose a job such as an entertainer, a public servant, or any other position that puts him or her in the public light that we feel entitled to know everything there is to know about his or her medical history, or medical choices or really anything about them for that matter.

The argument I hear all.the.time – which is maddening -- “They (celebrities or public figures) could be a great public service announcement for all of us who have waited too long to start a family. Think of the millions of women each year they could reach if they would ONLY fess up to using an egg donor to have a child.”

Okay – now hang on a second. Exactly whose responsibility is it to advocate and care for your health? Reproductively or otherwise? Is it the movie star’s or the singers? How about the Congress woman’s? No, it’s YOURs – it’s your job to ask those questions about your fertility, and when your fertility declines. It’s not up to a celebrity or a public figure to educate the masses. Unless they choose to.

Without sounding too much like Margo Thomas and her I’m Okay You’re Okay stuff – I do want to say that celebrities and public figures are people to. They have a right to their privacy just like you and me – and if we were “outed” against our will, or felt pressed to out ourselves, you can imagine how loud the protests would be about not respecting other people’s privacy.

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If You Are An Older Mom

My question to you "older moms" 45+ -- Do people off the street actually
walk up to you and ask "Is that your child?" and if you say yes do they
then go on to ask? "Your egg or donor egg?" If that's really going on out
there then I have to say I am thoroughly disgusted.

The older *I* get the more intolerant of rudeness I become. When I was 38
and having my son I never got those kinds of questions, even though child was
blonde haired and blue eyed. And while I dyed my hair and put blonde chunks
in it - I had brown eyes and no one said squat to me, other than "What a
gorgeous kid" and my reply was always a beaming smile and a "Why thank you,
we think so too"

I think if now at my age of 45, if someone asked me about donor egg
regarding my kid and I didn't know them I would just reply with "Why do you
ask?" That pulls the rug out from under most people without being catty.
You are asking a legitimate question - Why are they asking about your
reproductive history?

For instance, if you saw your neighbor, pharmacist, friend who was older and
let's say it was a man you wouldn't ask "So, Frank, you taking Viagra these
days? I see a little spring in your step - you must be getting a little
lately? (wink wink)" Or if it was a woman - You wouldn't say "Oh Jane I
noticed you seem happier, Frank taking Viagra these days?" "Or did you get
a little work done?"

Those of you who have family and friends and you are not disclosing
regardless of what age you are, those folks need to respect your boundaries.
You aren't asking any of them who got on top when they had sex to have their
children are you? No - I didn't think so. They shouldn't be just
arbitrarily asking you about your personal reproductive information either.

Sorry - This kind of stuff is a hot button for me. I don't answer questions
about my political choices, my religious beliefs, how much money I make,
what kind of sex I like, or my reproductive health, or my health period
unless *I* enter a conversation on my own volition.

I don't think you ladies should have to either - or feel like you have to
lie about it.

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Monday, April 6, 2009

The In's and Out's of Motherhood

From time to time I sometimes do feel insecure about my role as my son's Mom. It's been eight and a half years and one would think I'd have my role firmly cemented into my head -- but sometimes I worry. And perhaps that worry is what other mom's go through on a daily basis.

The challenges of parenting are continuous and never ending. About the time I find myself worrying about stuff I don't need to be worrying about I find this:

I don't know where I read this or saw this but I loved it:

I think the best way to discipline is for your kid to think that you're just a little bit crazy," she says. "You've got to make them think that this might be the moment that Mom finally loses it."

I so agree -- They must know that Mom is driving the bus, and she might just drive it over a cliff if they don't shape up. It's all about getting and keeping that poker face, early and often.

My son is getting to an age where mom isn't cool any longer. And that's all good. I totally get that. I knew this day would come. We were at our local grocery store and he was whining being persistent about something he wanted that I found myself saying "no" to. I was nice in saying no -- but he continued. I noticed that the usual "Muzak" wasn't playing in our grocery store but actual artists singing their own stuff. I was thrilled. I am so not a Muzak fan. Anyhow -- Madonna was playing "Express Yourself". I am not ashamed to say I am a Madonna fan from way back and the devil in me decided to have a little fun.

Now my son is continuing to whine -- hard core now. He really wants whatever it is he's asking for, and now I am saying no on principle because he's being a turd. I hear Madonna's "Express Yourself: begin and I begin to sing rather loudly --

You don't need diamond rings
Or eighteen karat gold
Fancy cars that go very fast
You know they never last, no, no
What you need is a big strong hand
To lift you to your higher ground
Make you feel like a queen on a throne
Make him love you till you cant come down

During all of this I grab my son and begin dancing in the produce section. The poor kid just froze, and wanted to slink under the nearest produce bin. It was stellar genius! The begging for ice cream stopped -- it was like magic.

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