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The Parents Via Egg Donation Organization: A Pause And Thanks To Our PVED Sponsors

Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Pause And Thanks To Our PVED Sponsors

Parents via Egg Donation provides service to over 9000 intended parents and parents all over the globe

We can’t say it any simpler - the generosity of our sponsors makes our work possible. PVED is thankful and proud to count the clinics, agencies, law firms, and individuals below who financially support our organization.

Because of our sponsors help we are able to do things like send quilts, books and other literature to intended parents all over the globe. We are able to travel to major cities throughout the USA creating face to face PVED parent communities, provide complimentary mental health consultations for intended parents and parents via egg donation, hold educational workshops, conduct educational in-service sessions, maintain a very large all inclusive private forum as well as maintain the organization’s website, and much, much  more.

Pacific In Vitro Fertilization Institute – Dr. Carl Morton
Fertility Source Companies – Steve Masler
Gifted Journeys – Wendie Wilson-Miller
A Perfect Match – Darlene Pinkerton
The Law Offices of Amy Demma
The Center for Egg Options – Nancy Block
Oregon Reproductive Medicine – Dr. John Hesla and Dr. Brandon Bankowski
Embryo Donation International – Dr. Craig Sweet
San Diego Fertility Center – Dr. Michael Kettel and Dr. William Hummel
Conceivabilities - Nazca Fontes
The Law Offices of Catherine Tucker
Reproductive Partners – Dr. Greg Rosen and Dr. Bill Yee
The Surrogacy Law Center – Stephanie Caballero
Huntington Reproductive Center
Abby Grayson, LPC,
IVF New Jersey – Dr. Susan Treiser
Donor Network Alliance
Circle Surrogacy – John Weltman, Esq
Color Center for Reproductive Medicine – Dr. Bill Schoolcraft
IVF Traveler – Sue Taylor

To our sponsors we give great thanks and forever grateful.

If your company is interested in supporting the work of PVED or if you are interested in becoming an advertiser, please contact Marna Gatlin Founder and CEO at (503)987-1433 or marna@pved.org


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