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The Parents Via Egg Donation Organization: Looking to donate embryos

Friday, February 25, 2011

Looking to donate embryos

 One of the free services PVED provides its members with is helping parents with embryo donation.  Below are embryos are looking to be donated to two sets of loving couples.

We have 14 quality embryos for donation.  We have completed our family, (four boys) three from egg donation.

We are splitting our embryos into two groups of seven (7).  We are looking for two couples.

The embryos are of excellent quality from CORM in Texas. We had a singleton and twins.  All of the boys have blue eyes and either blond or dirty blond hair.  They are all growing above normal so they will be extremely tall.

More about the embryos: We used my husband’s sperm and a donor.  My husband is Norwegian and German, tall and dirty blond.  Our donor was a mix of everything; we have her profile so we can share that with a couple.  We also have pictures of the egg donor.

We are looking for a married couple heterosexual couple who would like to have preferable more than one child.

About us, we are a conservative Christian couple who are very family oriented.  We have put a lot of money and love into having these children and are looking for someone in a similar position.  We would like an open donation. My husband is open to meeting any couple receiving our embryos and any children born of those donations.

We aren't looking to live in your back pocket but because we are open with our children about embryo donation we do want to know if children are born as a result of the embryo donation cycle.

We request that any unused embryos be returned to us as we do not want embryos destroyed or donated to science. It’s our preference the embryos not be shipped and you  have your embryo transfer at CORM.

Normal Stuff:
•   Recipient couple sit down with a therapist to talk about embryo donation, what that means to them, and having honest conversations with their children about their origins
•   Recipient be responsible for donating couple’s legal contract expenses
•   Recipient be responsible for their own legal contract expenses
•   Recipient be responsible for their own cycle, meds, travel, regarding cycle.
•   Recipient couple be willing to reimburse donating couple half of the yearly embryo storage fee for 2010.

If you are interested in these embryos email: marna@pved.org for more information.


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