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The Parents Via Egg Donation Organization: What more is there to say about Eggsploitation?

Thursday, January 13, 2011

What more is there to say about Eggsploitation?

Editorial by Amy Demma, Esquire  

For several months now, I have been paying close attention to blogs, commentaries, articles and media buzz around an earlier-released documentary: Eggsploitation: The Fertility Industry Has a Dirty Little Secret. I have seen the film; have attended several screenings, the most recent at Harvard Law School.

Earlier this year, I wrote two blogs in response to the documentary. I commented on the organization that produced the film and most importantly on its producer and spokesperson. I am grateful to share that my writings on Eggsploitation were recently recognized by a well-know infertility blogger and listed in The Stirrup Queens’ Crème de la Crème of 2010 Blog Posts.  My blog is listed at #67. I thought I was done writing about Eggsploitation and even discussed with my colleagues my concern about drawing too much attention to the documentary. On Monday, however, I read an article in the Washington Times announcing that the touring of the film continues and that the agenda of the group pushes on.

Every time I have discussed the film, I have done so in the context of a message to those considering egg donation. I wanted prospective recipient parents and even previously successful parents via donor egg conception to understand that the documentary, flawed in many ways, is not a realistic or accurate depiction of the egg donation process in the United States but rather a channel by which a conservative, religious based, anti-choice, anti-ART group is currently utilizing to dissuade young women from considering being donors. The film is not only biased, it is, in fact misleading and, therefore, irresponsible.

I encourage you to read: Eggsploitation: So Very Far From the Truth   and then discuss with your clinic, your agency, your attorney and others you have engaged in your family building plan how your donor was recruited, how information about the egg donation process was made available to her, about the steps taken to ensure that the donor is not only informed but well taken care of. I suspect, if you are working with a good team of professionals, that you will be satisfied in the responses you receive and you will be able to continue on, knowing that you have made the right decision for you and your family….and hopefully, any further efforts of the folks behind this unfortunate film will not impact your joy and anticipation as you work towards your family building goal.

I wish you the very best of luck!

Amy Demma, Esq
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Amy Demma is a New York licensed attorney currently practicing reproductive law. Amy was the founder of Prospective Families which is now affiliated with The Fertility Source Companies


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