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The Parents Via Egg Donation Organization: The Old Saying: You Only Put Back As Many As You Can Carry....

Friday, January 30, 2009

The Old Saying: You Only Put Back As Many As You Can Carry....

Has taken on a whole new meaning....

The more I read about THIS the more concerned I become.

I don't know one anyone who is a fan of selective reduction. I know of NO one. And rightly so, it's a terribly difficult choice to make. It was something my husband and I talked about over and over when we were going through our journey to have our son.

Way back years ago when I first embarked upon IVF, the limit was three 3 day (8 cell) embryos to be transferred back, or two 5 days blasts. And today -- the common transfer is two blasts. We talked about the possibility of twins or triplets. That was daunting. But we went ahead and made a concious decision to put back three. In our case we got pregnant with a singleton.

We were REALLY lucky.

What is bothering me more is that I am beginning to think that patient made a concious choice to have eight (8) embryos transferred back into her uterus, AND AND AND there had to have been a physician who actually did the transfer.

What were they all thinking?

My thoughts are immeadiately to her children -- they didn't sign up for any of this.

The other part of all of this -- when things like this happen it places 3rd party reproduction into a bad light. We have enough controversy as it is -- and stuff like this makes things tougher all the way around.


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