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The Parents Via Egg Donation Organization: Kudo's and Props To PVED's Own Board Advisor Wendie Wilson-Miller!!!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Kudo's and Props To PVED's Own Board Advisor Wendie Wilson-Miller!!!

Wendie Wilson-Miller and (on the left) and Erika Napoletano (on the right), authors of Insider's Guide to Egg Donation from Demos Medical Publishing, won the LBGT Gold Award!

Way to go Wendie and Erika!  We are so proud of you!

If you would like a copy of this amazing book go to the link below:

Insider's Guide to Egg Donation

Wendie Wilson-Miller is a ten-year veteran of the egg donation and assisted reproductive technology field, is the Founder and President of Gifted Journeys, an egg donor agency based in Studio City, California. Before founding Gifted Journeys, she served as the Cycle Director of The Egg Donor Program, the largest donor agency in the United States. During her eight-year tenure with The Egg Donor Program, Wendie forged relationships with many of the nation's leading reproductive endocrinologists and the other specialists who work together to join egg donors with recipient parents. Over the years, she developed a passion for all types of families who sought out egg donors. Single parents, traditional heterosexual couples, gay and interracial couples, transgendered recipients and even those couples who travel from overseas to the U.S. for the accessibility of the assisted reproductive culture - they all deserve to have an advocate. A five-time egg donor, she's no stranger to the hormonal, physical and emotional ups and downs of assisted reproduction. With her final donation cycle resulting in a dangerous episode of ovarian torsion, she knows first-hand the risks borne by both sides of the egg donation equation. Wendie currently serves on the board for Parents Via Egg Donation, the nation's fastest growing support group for recipient parents, and is a contributing author for their resource library. Wendie has also been featured on NPR, The New York Times, ABC News.

Co-Author and multi-cycle egg donor is Erika Napoletano. Introduced to the concept of egg donation in 2000 through a co-worker who had been a donor for her best friend, she began researching the process and became a rostered donor for a prominent Los Angeles-based egg donor and surrogacy agency. Her donations have given several families the enduring gift of eleven children among them and her life is continually blessed with one family's open inclusion of her in their now four-year-old daughter's life. A professional writer, Erika is a prominent consultant and outspoken presence in the digital marketing realm. In June of 2011, Entrepreneur Magazine will launch her column "All Up in Your Business" in their largest issue of the year. She was recently mentioned in the New York Times as an authority in the small business space. She's also a regular contributor to Copyblogger (one of the most widely read online marketing blogs). She was a 2009 finalist for the Denver Business Journal Outstanding Women in Business Award and has been a keynote speaker at Chicks Who Click 2010 social media conference as well as SOBCon Colorado 2010.


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